ScotFIT ActivMotion Bar for Dancers
Montgomery County, Maryland

MOVE better, FEEL better, LIVE better

What is the ActivMotion Bar?

The ActivMotion Bar is a weighted bar filled with steel ball-bearings that glide smoothly in response to any motion of the bar. Hold the bar as still as possible to activate the body's smaller core muscles, or tip and tilt the bar with power to target the large core muscles of the body. In either action, the body is constantly having to react to an unstable and ever-changing weight distribution.

How can the ActivMotion Bar help highland dancers?

Highland dance is an extremely athletic style of dance, requiring the dancer's body to constantly adapt to a change in balance, movement and stability. The ActivMotion Bar has been proven to generate greater muscle activation, resulting in increased strength (especially in the core), improved coordination and a lower risk of injury. Attend a workshop or purchase your own ActivMotion bar to learn how to incorporate this tool into your dance training.

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