Fit for Reel™ - FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions
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Fit for Reel™ - FAQs:

- How do I know what kind of cross-training workouts I need as a dancer?

Cross-training should compliment your style of dance training. If you are always in a turnout position, then cross-train with more focus on legs in a parallel position. If you are a strong dancer with lots of power but have trouble controlling your movements, then focus on more trunk stability and strength. Practice makes permanent, so always keep your attention on form and technique while cross-training. Remember, the purpose of cross-training is to keep your body feeling in balance and harmony.

- At what age is cross-training (specifically strength training) safe to start?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) dictates that strength training can be safe for children, provided they have physician approval and the exercises are conducted with form and safety as the focus. Children as young as 7 or 8 years can perform strength training, provided they show good body control and alignment during the exercises. Strength training (i.e. body weight, resistance bands or weights) in children should focus on lighter resistance and higher repetitions, with good technique.

- How often should I be cross-training?

How often you cross-train depends on your dance training schedule and your body's needs. Having at least one rest day a week is a must with a higher intensity dance training regimen. For example, a dancer who attends dance class 3x/week would have 2 non-consecutive days of cross-training to focus on strength training and body alignment exercises, such as pilates. Not all cross-training needs to be done on a separate day from dance training. Both can be conducted on the same day, but the intensity of the dance training and cross-training would be moderate to not exhaust the dancer's body.

- Should I be cross-training year round?

Cross-training can and should be done year round, but the focus and type of cross-training may change depending on your competition or performance schedule. During your "off-season" from shows and competitions, cross-train to build and improve strength and improve power. During a competitive or performance schedule, work to maintain your strength gains and focus more on flexibility and alignment training to encourage recovery in the body. Remember, cross-training should serve to enhance a dancer's performance, not hinder it.

- How much space will I need to do the Fit for Reel™ videos?

Not much space at all! Some exercises will have you travel forward/back and side-to-side a few steps, and any floor exercises wouldn't need more space than what an exercise mat would take up.

- What equipment will I need to do the Fit for Reel™ videos?

Most videos only use your body weight as the resistance. At most you may add a set of dumbbell weights and a mat or towel to lie on if you have a hard floor. As always, exercising safely is of utmost importance, so be sure to have plenty of water to stay hydrated and wear a supportive pair of workout shoes (except during pilates exercises).