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ScotFIT Highland Dance cross-training Montgomery CO MD

Growing up as a competitive highland dancer, Sandy never thought much about overuse injuries or proper body mechanics during movement. It wasn’t until 10-15 years later of still dancing with the same intensity and drive that led to numerous bouts of shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Wanting to continue as a competitive dancer, Sandy turned her focus to training smarter and learned the importance of recovery and rest, while improving her overall fitness level through targeted strength training, body mechanics and alignment. She has taken her knowledge as an experienced dancer and Personal Trainer to develop different methods of fitness training, known as Fit for Reel.

Scottish highland dancers are not just dancers; they are spectacular athletes that require more training than just dance technique. Fit for Reel was created with two goals in mind:

  1. Cross-training
    To provide cross-training exercises and workouts to help dancers improve their fitness level and enhance their dance technique.

    Because highland dance is so strenuous and repetitive, dancers often develop muscle imbalances that can lead to overuse injuries. Fit for Reel's cross-training workouts are designed to eliminate muscle imbalances and keep dancers performing at their best.

  2. Educating Teachers
    To educate teachers and parents about dancer training with proper body mechanics and appropriate strength and flexibility exercises. Highland dancers and their teachers share a passion that with the correct training program can lead to a long and prosperous dance career.

Become a Fit for Reel Athlete by trying one of my many cross-training workouts!
Get The Newest Fit for Reel release!  Fit for Reel offers the following workouts
available to purchase as a DVD, rent or stream online.

The Tri-Level Program is a 90-day program that will lead you through 3 levels of intensity in 3 key styles of fitness training for highland dancers:
Circuit training, Torso training and Strength training.

1st month: Establish your baseline with the Level 1 Circuit, Torso and Strength Training videos completed on separate days.

2nd month: Increase to an intermediate level of intensity and skill with the Level 2 Circuit, Torso and Strength training videos.

3rd month: Graduate to the most advanced exercises with the Level 3 Circuit, Torso and Strength training videos.

Fit for Reel also offers the following workouts available to purchase as a DVD,
rent online or download

Highland Bootcamp - A high intensity workout that not only strengthens the muscles you need for highland dance but also targets the muscles that highland dancers need to strengthen to avoid injuries.

Core Workout - Want to have the strongest abs, back and turnout muscles around? This core strength workout is ideal for the novice exerciser to the elite dancer.

Pilates Workout - Target key muscles to improve trunk, shoulder and hip stabilization. Develop long, lean muscles and improve flexibility to enhance your dancing technique!

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Highland Bootcamp

Meet the creator of this cross-training workout, designed to strengthen dancers and prevent overuse injuries.

Core Workout

Learn why it's important to focus your workouts on the core muscles.


Understand the importance of breathing through movement and how to improve trunk stabilization for better turnout.

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