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Personal Trainer FAQs Montgomery Co MD

Personal Training - FAQs:

  • Where do we meet for our exercise sessions?

    We come to you! Training sessions can occur at a gym, outside, your house or any other approved location.

  • What if I don't have any exercise equipment available?

    No worries. Your trainer will arrive with all the necessary equipment that will be used for that training session. You will never be required to purchase equipment to continue training.

  • How often should I anticipate meeting with a trainer?

    How often you train is entirely up to you and your specific health and fitness goals. If you are looking for more motivation and accountability to reach your goals faster, then meeting a with trainer more frequently (2-3x/week) may be necessary. If you are motivated to workout on your own but want to check in with a trainer for new workouts and to ensure good form and technique during your own exercise, you may want to meet once a week or 1-2x/month.

  • How much will it cost to have a trainer come to me?

    Each session is 1 hour, and the cost per session will vary depending on the numbers of sessions purchased upfront. Please contact us if you are serious about personal training and want a price estimate.

  • What if I have health and/or medical issues that restrict my exercise or make exercising for an hour a challenge?

    Not to worry about your physical health. Per your physician's approval to exercise, we are trained to prescribe exercise that is appropriate your for specific health needs. Your training sessions are created just for you, and they can be modified and adapted each training session, depending on how you are feeling that day. Our goal to help you feel successful and motivated to reach your goals!