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Cross-traing work-out Montgomery Co MD
Cross-Training Workouts for Dancers and Teachers

Developed as an educational workout tool to be used for cross-training for highland dancers

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Current DVDs:
ScotFIT Highland Bootcamp
ScotFIT Core Workout
ScotFIT Pilates
Pregnancy In Motion

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Cross-training for Dance Teachers and Highland Dancers... StudioFit was designed for YOU!
Our ScotFit crossing-training workouts help to prevent injuries while keeping you strong.

ScotFIT Highland Bootcamp

Meet the creator of this cross-training workout, designed to strengthen dancers and prevent overuse injuries.

ScotFIT Core Workout

Learn why it's important to focus your workouts on the core muscles.

ScotFit Pilates

Understand the importance of breathing through movement and how to improve trunk stabilization for better turnout.

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